Our Story

Visual Integrity was founded in 1993, the same year Adobe released version 1.0 of Acrobat Reader for DOS. Finally, PC users had an accurate way to exchange documents, although they could not yet be modified, reworked, or extracted. The pages looked great, but they were locked.

A lot has happened in the last 30 years. PDF is now an open-source ISO standard used by virtually every PC and Mac user in the world. There are billions of these ubiquitous PDF files on hard drives, in emails, and archived in content management systems. Many solutions have emerged to work with the text in PDF files, but not for the graphics contained within these pages.

Visual Integrity has been there from the start, pioneering technologies to make PDF graphics accessible for reuse and repurposing. From technical writers in the scientific and engineering worlds 25 years ago to Visio, AutoCAD, and PowerPoint users today, you can count on us for accurate, high-quality PDF and graphics conversions. Try one of our products today!

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